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I'm sure that no one cares but I wanna see how many i can get right.
So as far as I know the card is this:

World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Undertaker
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels
Battle of the Billionaires
Money in the Bank Ladder Match
ECW Originals vs. New Breed
Women's Champion Melina vs. Ashley
Kane vs. The Great Khali
United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP

Benoit vs MVP Benoint wins. 'nough said

Kane vs The Great Bore I mean Khali ...
Kane uses that nifty hook to take out Khali's eye ball and then eats it... (no more jello before bed) This will be a win for Khali by DQ, cause Vince's hardon for the newest big man has yet to pop.

Melina vs Ashley
As much as I want Ashley to win I think Melina will hold the belt for a little while longer. Candice will get a few good shots in as a Lumber Jill but Melina will squeak by with a victory. Someone not sure who will have their top removed.

ECW Originals vs The New Breed
Unfortunetly it looks like the originals are being phased out. Even with Mick as the gst ref those raw and smackdown rejects will pull off a win. (BOOOOOO!!!!!)

Battle of the Huge Egos I mean Billionaires
Vinnie-Mac will be bald, and Stone Cold will give everyone a stunner. There will be a lot of beer drunk.

Money in the Bank.
Edge, Orton, Finley, CM Punk, King Booger, Kennedy, Matt and Jeff Hardy.
Now my faves are Jeff and CM Punk and as over as they are with the fan's I can't quite see them winning, this year. Same with Matt. Edge, Orton and Booger are all former champs but Kennedy has to be my pick. He has been built up the past year. I think he's up to 7 world champions beat. His last fued with the Undertaker was great.

HBK vs Cena.
I want HBK to win but this is the one i'm the most unsure about. I'm gonna say Cena but that's just cause they never do what I want.

Undertaker vs Batista
This one is the one i'm the most sure of. Taker's streak will continue. 15-0. As to weather he walks out with the belt that I'm a little iffy on. Either Taker walks out the new champ or it'll be a DQ. Taker will win.
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