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and I haven't been so disappointed in a movie since I saw Half-Blood Prince. I was warned that I'd need kleenex and that there were big hairy spiders but I wasn't warned that it sucked. Adam and I spent the whole movie quietly bitching to each other as we watched scene after scene of crap. The Gringotts break in was underwhelming. Shell Cottage was chopped to pieces. Aberforth did not have his goat patronus. And that final battle scene dragged out. I did need that kleenex briefly as Harry asked Sirus if dying hurt, but the spiders did not bother me cause I was too busy being pissed off. Neville only got half of his BAMF scene with Nagini. I know there was more that annoyed me but right now hubby wants me to join him in bed so I'll finish with one final comment. My favourite part of the evening was seeing the Sherlock Holmes trailer.

miss me?

Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:37 pm
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I've pretty much been seduced by the crack that is facebook and i have no idea if any reads this besides people who are on said facebook anyways but i need to vent and this is my bitching journal so ...

My grandfather is sick, my mother will not stop bugging me about going back to school finding another job and coming home to visit, the guy i like is back with his ex who cheated on him, money is tight and to top it off i just got an unwanted promotion at work for four wks i'm going to be a supervisor this work stress is really the last thing i need right now and now i can't even go and spend time with said boy for stress relief like i used to cause of that stupid bitch

i feel better


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