Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:34 pm
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Sometimes i wonder if I've always been an idiot about guys. I either never see it coming and all of a sudden what i thought was a friendship is wierd and awkward, or I get involved too fast and end up getting hurt. This thing with the boytoy is messing with my head it goes from hot, seeing each other everyday and looking forward to it, to cold with him disapearing off the face of the earth. Is it too much to ask to not bail on a date or two or three. To call if you can't for some reason make it. To not lie everytime you open your mouth?

Due South

Nov. 24th, 2006 01:17 am
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I am falling back in love with this show. Fraser and Ray V have such great chemistry. I'm not sure if slash has warped my brain or not but ... they are sleeping together right?? I may have had too much to drink but my typing has been pretty clear so far but I feel very mellow and warm. Cori and me did laundry today and the guy from the laundry mat, is a real sweetheart, he kept handing me my panties cause we kept dropping them. Cori was laughing at me cause I was joking that it wasn't the first time a man had handled my panties.

On a more (maybe less since there are no panties involved) note I think I have done something very stupid.

I am half way done my christmas shoping.
Mom Done
Nadine Done
Cori mostly Done
Ashwee not even started
Dad who knows what i'm going to get him


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